While my private life (read love life) is non existent and will probably stay that way, I did realise today that I have reached quite a few milestones over the past few months. 

  1. Managed to stay under 299 kilo’s in spite of the holidays.
  2. Actually went without chocolate for 3 days in.a.row. 
  3. Consciously deposited two bottles of water to be recycled, last year.
  4. Moved to another country again.
  5. Closed my first big deal for my start-up.
  6. One of my businesses is officially 6 months old and is in the top 5% of most visited webshops in its category in Europe and the USA.
  7. Last but not least. I managed to take care of myself just about enough to see another year. Though that was probably not all me. I think God had more to do with that actually.

    And while those milestones are a nice reminder that life isn’t so bad after all, the desire to do so much more keeps getting stronger every day. I haven’t slept for more than 4 hours a day for the past 3 weeks. One reason being the seemingly endless work that needs to be done on my new start-up, adjusting to life in this country trying to find a new routine, but mainly the overflow of ideas rushing through my mind of what else I still want to achieve. For instance I feel horrible for not having done much for those less privileged than me, and no my monthly donations to charity don’t count. And just last night I was looking into Law schools, like where did that even come from?

    By the way, I was offered an amazing job in Spain but the timing could not be worse. I would have probably jumped at the opportunity if it was the same time last year. Oh well, still nice to know what could have been. 

    And just as I’m all over the place with my thoughts in this post, my mind is currently in the same state. I needed a break from it all a long time ago. I just keep hearing that clock ticking in my mind or bump into some article about how life is short and how we all need to seize the day. That just makes me want to work harder everyday. Sigh.

    I’m currently writing down a new daily schedule for myself and hopefully that will bring back the order in my life. That’s all for now folks.

    Have a blessed day.



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    1. Herb Ryan says:

      A new daily schedule is good, as long as it is realistic, slow down and prioritize.

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