Ever made a decision, convinced you had completely thought through? You weighed the Pro’s against the con’s and you worked out every possible scenario. Every angle has been covered. Or so you thought.

Then life has a funny way of turning things upside down and inside out to the point where you don’t even remember where you started from.

Funny isn’t it? How we think we can meticulously plan every aspect of our lives, control the outcome and forsee the future. When in reality, we are just a very small part of something way bigger than us. Something science is yet to understand. Something I believe the human mind will never be able to fully grasp.

This reminds me of a popular saying, “life happens”. As if to say, life itself is so powerful, it will come and it will happen regardless, no matter what you think it ought to be.

And so my ramblings go on…

– Dixi


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  1. That’s part of the beauty of life, though, isn’t it? – the unexpected and the moments that flip us upside down 🙂

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