The Suit 2

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I didn’t want to burst his bubble all together. That would just be mean. No, I smiled and said something in the direction of “I’m not sure what to say”. He released a sigh of relief. Not sure if he thought he made it in (cause he hadn’t), or just the fact that he got off without me accusing him of harassment and chasing him off. He smiled at me again and this time, he just sat down. OK…starting to think I should have gone with option number two.

As we sat there a bit uncomfortably I decided to loosen up for the poor guy. After all, he was just trying to be nice. “You mentioned your business partners earlier, what kind of business are you involved in?” I asked. “I work in import and export, high value items from all over the world get imported here or exported to any country that has demand”. Judging from his answer, he was hesitant about telling me what those high value goods were and I wasn’t THAT interested to find out.

He was well spoken though, and polite. As he started looking at his watch I figured he finally needed to leave. But he looked up to me and said “I have an appointment in 15 minutes, but I’ll cancel it right away if you say you will go out with me for lunch at The Pier. After you’re done here of course. I’ll wait for however long it takes”. The Suit really caught me off guard there. Aren’t they supposed to try and get your number first so you have the chance to give them the wrong one and never hear from them again? What happened to the easy days.

I smiled for a minute as I noticed he had been waiting for an answer, a sign of life, for a while now. But what I really wanted to say was: No stranger, creepy follower in suit and probable drug dealer. I do not wish to accompany you to your so called luncheon that will result in my missing persons case, thank you.

“Uhm, rain cheque?” I stumbled. Why woman, why? Just.Say.No. remember? You had a whole weeks management training on saying Yes and No but never maybe! He looked even more hopeful now and said “I will give you as many rain cheques as you need if you use the first one for dinner tonight then, since lunch doesn’t work for you”. Oh boy. I needed to get out of this, and fast.

The voice of my mother in my head kept telling me to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. But, I just couldn’t and gave out a wrong number for him to contact me on for that dinner later on. He asked for my name, at this point it didn’t matter if that was real or not, I won’t be hearing from him or seeing him anymore. “It’s Kimberly, nice to meet you”. He smiled, reaching out for a handshake. “Well you are beautiful Kimberly, and that is a beautiful name”. Ugh, the cheap beautiful name line. Didn’t that line die sometime in the 70’s?

“Miss Kimberly Brown?”. That was me, finally. We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. I looked back to see if he was really gone before going around the corner. The place was empty again. Good.

As I walk out of the meeting room my phone rings. An unsaved number, it could be work. “Hi, it’s me James. The guy you just met at City Hall. I just wanted to make sure that I saved your number right, I don’t want anything to go wrong for our dinner tonight. And to be honest, I just wanted the hear your voice one more time”.

What. Just. Happened.

To be continued…


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Tikeetha T says:

    LOL. You gave him your real number. I think subconsciously you wanted to. He could be a very nice guy. Give him the benefit of the doubt.


    1. Dixi says:

      Hahaha I know right


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