The Suit

So this guy walks up to me in City Hall. Suit, tie, tall, dark and a very strong Cologne. I shall call him, The Suit.

“Afternoon madam, would you mind if I sit next to you?”

I quickly glanced at the empty waiting area with at least 10 empty seats. I didn’t intend to be so obvious and was about to answer but he saw it happen.

“I’ll just sit over there, my apologies” he said as he nodded to a chair a few steps away from me. I just looked at him and smiled while releasing a sigh of relief which again, might have been too loud. I checked the time and decided to use the next few minutes to continue reading an article on this new research that claims onions don’t originally grow with their sharp juices, instead it is the ‘wrong’ type of soil in which they have been grown by men for decades that causes them to develop these sharp juices. Grow them in the ‘right soil’ and never shed a tear chopping them again. The things we learn.

Meanwhile, I couldn’t help but notice The Suit staring at me, twisting his thumbs uncontrollably in the corner of my eye. I acted as if didn’t see him at first and then suddenly looked up. I stared him straight in the eyes and he looked startled. He tried to manufacture a smile but he just made it worse. I looked away intending to finish this article before my number was up when The Suit stood up from his seat and carefully walked towards me. At least it looked like he was. He had to be because there was nothing behind me and no one else there. I froze but played cool and looked straight at him as he came closer.

“I’m sorry if I’m coming off a little strange. The truth is, I don’t even need to be here.” I frowned   but didn’t respond. “To be honest, I saw you walk in at the business center and me and my partners couldn’t keep our eyes off you from that point on, especially me. I usually don’t do this but I had to talk to you, so I waited to see where you were going and I followed”. Realizing how serial killer he just sounded The Suit desperately tried to convince me otherwise. I wasn’t listening, I was zoned out. 

See, most women would at the very least be flattered by this. Not me. I wanted to stop him in his tracks right then and there and provide him with a 5 page list of reasons why he shouldn’t even consider getting close to me. Because I had given up on love.

Click here for part 2…



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