Color blind

Since when are we ‘required’ to be color blind?

You know, that phrase that everyone seems to have adopted in order not to be called the R** word?

I hate that my first post in months has to be about race. I tried to ignore it. I really did. But this color blindness thing just keeps hitting me in the face. So I’ll talk.

What in the world does being color blind, have to do with seeing somebody’s race? And when you are done explaining that. Please tell me, why in the world would I not want to see the color of your skin?

Are you telling me, that in order for me to be recognized as your equal (meaning, non colored person), my skin color needs to be non-existent?

No really, all jokes aside. You mean to say that it will be easier for you to treat me RIGHT if you picture me as someone without a skin color, ANY skin color, than to see me as the person that I am, with the skin color I so happen to have, and treat me RIGHT?

If so, then listen up. My skin color is not a disability that you can choose to overlook. It is not a disease that you have to learn to live with. I, am not a problem that needs fixing. And I am not some complex issue that needs special rules and guidelines to be dealt with.

Did you see how I went from talking about skin color, to talking about me? That’s right. Because I am a human being you are talking about. With a skin color that is part of Who I Am.

Why do you have to change the way you see me, in order to respect me?

Why would you want to be blind to Who I Am?


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  1. jason says:

    Good post! I feel true love knows no color, social status, or gender. I’m a brown-skinned person of color. I’m an African-American. I’m black… so what?
    But, if I were blind and everyone on earth was blind, there would still be people who choose to treat me poorly for whatever reason.
    I’m not color blind. I just try to treat people the way I want to be treated. #goldenrule


    1. Dixi says:

      Treat people the way you want to be treated, that’s all there is to it! Thanks Jason appreciate your thoughts

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  2. B. J. Hollywood says:

    Finally, someone who will just say it. By not accepting differences, you are actually BEING racist. The same can be said about sexual orientation. Who gives a flip. Stop making it an issue. We are such a childish culture, Americans. Finally, a grown up saying, ‘Get over it!’ Good on you, mate. Cheers, B. J.


    1. Dixi says:

      Agreed! Thanks

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  3. chewfronta says:

    The wonderfulness of people is 2-fold. One wonderfulness is people’s sameness. Sameness let’s us understand and relate. The 2nd wonderfulness is our difference. Difference gives us beauty and survivability. Unlike a wheat field, no one need pour fertilizers and pesticides on a forest.
    Yes, we are to celebrate our commonality. Likewise and contrariwise, yes, we are to see the beauty of skin colors. Yes, we are to wallow in the ocean of our differences. The answer to life, the universe and everything is “Yes.”
    Thank you, Dixie, for making this eloquently clear.

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    1. chewfronta says:

      Oops. Sorry I misspelled your name.


  4. I couldn’t agree with you more.


  5. hakeem says:

    This is such an important post


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