Going through some changes


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  1. Reblogged this on Conjuring Justice and commented:

    I like your stuff….You left a crypt message on my blog. Would love to get more info on “what they’re up to now”. I am up for any blog they might have.


  2. Dixi says:

    Hi Jazz,

    To me, it means that we often only look at the end result of things and call it beautiful, great, amazing.
    That is the finished product. But, as you have stated yourself, understanding the process the product/person has gone through to get to that point takes the beauty of it all to a whole new level.


  3. zestyjazz says:

    I wonder why this is? Is it because once we recognize that the beauty is the result of hardship, that beauty takes on a whole new level? Or is it because once we deconstruct the “why’s” and the “how’s” we are left with so many more questions or it discredits the “beautiful”? Interested to see why you posted this and what you think. -Jazz

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